App Fittest

Make progression insightful with this coaching app.

Start with coaching online and give your clients an unique and exceptional experience. With personal workouts, progress tracking, coaching features, in-app messaging and more, it’s all you need to train and motivate your clients. Push your business and your clients to an optimal performance.

Features of Fittest

You can create the finest workouts for your clients with the fittest dashboard. Your client has access to the personal training plan created by you through the app. Follow their progress and improve your service!

Chat with clients

Give your clients personal attention and send messages to clients through the app. This way you will easily keep your work and private life separated.

Create personal workouts

Create workouts with your own exercises or with the community exercises in the app to make custom workouts for your clients. You can search on muscle groups to create effective and mixed workouts. Add notes and instructions to exercises that clients can view and track when checking in to workouts.

Make your own exercises

In the dashboard you can create your own exercises, which can be a cardio, strength, coordination, speed or flexibility exercise. Upload your own exercise videos to the Fittest Drive, or import your YouTube videos. Set the muscle group for each exercise and create mixed workouts.

Set workout periods

View and analyze exercises and workouts over a certain period and make adapted workouts for a certain period.

Follow the progress

Clients can track workouts, fitness targets, and more with the Fittest mobile app. You can view their results and any notes. This way you can track their progress.

Social media

Clients can share their progress on workouts on their social channels and help promote your fitness business.

'Fittest makes coaching user-friendly for both me and my clients.'

- Thomas, personal trainer

App Fittest

Train, track and motivate.

Your clients will become addicted to the personal training experience with the FITTEST app. Deliver custom workouts to your clients and track their progress in real time. Chat in the app with your clients and celebrate achievements and motivate new performances. 

Plans that fit your business, with the opportunity to grow

You will be charged for the plan each month. In the dashboard you can manage your account and make your plan grow with you.

Free 3 months trial?

Experience the ease of FITTEST.

Give your clients an ultimate online experience and redefine your services.
Make it easy with one-click automation that lets you effortlessly deliver workouts, manage clients and improve your services.



To answer your questions.

After you have placed an order here, you can sign in the FITTEST dashboard. There, you can add clients and create personal workouts for a specific client. The client will see the personal workouts in the app.

As soon as you have placed an order and the payment has been made successfully, you will receive an email with login details. You can use these login details for the dashboard and for the app.

You can create clients within the dashboard. They will then receive an email with login details for the app. All their activity in the app is linked in your dashboard.

You can cancel your monthly subscription here. You can log in with the same information as for the dashboard. After 6 months of inactivity, your data will be deleted (including from the dashboard).

After one month, your free 30 days trial will end. You will then no longer have access to the app and the dashboard. Here you can purchase a paid subscription.

You can request a free trial month once. You will then have to choose a paid subscription.